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So you're looking into a fun and creative way to stay healthy? So were we a couple of months ago...

The founders of Nutricocktails; Paulo Kümin and Fernando Ruiz, everything has been about enjoyment since the beginning of their professional career in gastronomy. After years of ups and downs living an unhealthy lifestyle and having consistent bad habits, Paulo and Fernando encouraged themselves to change something in their lifestyle.  That ended in 2019, through a tough time in their life. While Paulo was focusing on his hobby of making professional pictures and trying to face all his problems with an unhealthy lifestyle and alcoholism. Fernando decided that it was time to explore different challenges and to specialize as a professional bartender. Fernando graduated from the European Bartender School in Vienna, where he developed a logic to build cocktails recipes and their methods. However, it was then when he truly realized the danger of alcohol and his dependence that he was as well developing by having a bartender environment. The idea of Nutricocktails was developed to create a new healthy brand for consumption on the beverage market and a healthy alternative choice.

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The usual Mocktails were not good enough to match the level that a healthy lifestyle drink should have. Nevertheless, the passion for cocktails methods, recipes, presentation and combination of components is something that it did not necessarily need to be sacrificed due to changing the lifestyle to no alcohol involved. This is when a Nocktail was born, its main characteristics are the same as a cocktail or a mocktail but all the ingredients are natural and fresh without having any refined sugar added. After Paulo recovered his life stability, he was up to a challenge to start his own business with Fernando; who was waiting to find the support of someone who would want to share his same entrepreneurship journal.  With time, we faced challenges and lacked important skills to run a successful business. We reached out to our main hospitality friends, to propose to work together as partners. It is key to have hospitality experts that are skilled and have knowledge in different areas in order to strengthen the team.

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Doing so we have put together the best possible team to give the highest impact to the company. Overlooking the administration, Franziska Brellochs a previous General Manager at a Designer Hotel.  She will be overlooking the communication, objectives, results and improvements for Nutricocktails.  Laust Andersen brings us an international background in hospitality and marketing. He will be highlighting the marketing in Switzerland and the U.K, to give an international aspect towards the markets.  With multiple years working for recognized hospitality companies in sales and giving us an experienced and knowledgeable boost, Benjamin Fiedler Porzio will be covering the sales throughout Switzerland. These key members have filled what is missing in key areas and will help bring Nutricocktails to the right exposure to bring success to a healthy lifestyle. 

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