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Welcome to Nutricocktails

We are a Swiss-based company that focuses on achieving a healthier lifestyle by providing healthy alternative products.

Our mobile bar

Providing a bar made from bartenders with the finest material to produce the freshest and highest quality drink.  

With our eyecatching mobile bar in Zurich, we proudly stand out to everyone to showcase the brand Nutricocktails and the line of tasty Nocktails to all who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle at their event.

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Products and Services

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We provide a wide range of alcohol-free cocktails based on natural and fresh ingredients.

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Agave Syrup

Agave syrup is a healthy alternative, it is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and 100% organic.



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Low calories

The beverages are made with freshly pressed fruits that have low calories.


Low glycemic

Agave syrup has a low glycemic scale, making it diabetic friendly.


Healthy lifestyle

Our products are selected to provide a healthy alternative for a healthy lifestyle.

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Natural plant

CBD is a natural plant that may help relieve pain, inflammation and anxiety.

Catering service

Mobile bar

Our talented team has worked for many years in the gastronomic industry and through our catering service, we can guarantee an exceptional experience. 

Thanks to our delightful mobile bar, we are flexible to reach different events, parties or gatherings throughout Zurich!

Presenting the line of fresh Nocktails, our amazing staff can guarantee the event will reach the next level of being healthy and provide that WOW factor!

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